Doe Season Symbolism

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Authors tend to use literary elements throughout short stories to give an overall effect on the message they give in the story. In his short story, “Doe Season” by Michael Kaplan, illustrates a theme(s) of the hardships of not wanting to face the reality of death, losing of innocence and the initiation of growing up. Kaplans theme is contributed by symbolism, characterization, setting and foreshadowing.
Symbolism is strongly represented through Kaplan’s short story. The symbols represented are the ocean, the killing of the doe and the woods. Andy saw the ocean for the first time at the Jersey Shore and is awfully frightened of the ocean since. She believes the ocean to be a huge vastness that constantly moved, keeps shifting and kept things
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He uses characterization to explain the characters and what they do, think and appear through the story. Andy is the protagonist, she’s an 8-year-old girl who’s a tomboy and uses a male name. She loves being out in the woods with her father and doing activities outdoors. Andy is courageous, adventurous, a tomboy, outgoing and loves doing outdoor activities with the guys. Andy goes camping with her father, her father’s friend Charlie, and his son Mac. Charlie teases Andy for coming along with them being the only female. Charlie questions Andy’s ability to stay and hunt with them, he claims that “she’s nine…and will just add to the noise and get tired" (327) He questions as to why she’s coming when she should be at home cleaning and cooking like what her mother is doing. Andy’s character is forecasted as being a female in a male environment where she doesn’t belong. She’s supposed to be doing activities that girls do, not hunting, shooting, killing animals. But Andy enjoys going along for the adventure not knowing what could occur. Her father enjoys having her alongside him because, “she'll bring good luck, you'll see. Animals -I don't know how she does it, but they come right up to her. We go walking in the woods, and we'll spot more raccoons and possums and such than I ever see when I'm alone.” (327) When Andy encounters a buck on her own, she hesitates, drops the wood and rushes back to the campsite and tells them,…show more content…
The setting takes place mostly in the woods around Andy’s house in Pennsylvania. The season is winter and snow has covered every inch of the woods and Andy’s favorite place to be in, “They had been in her dreams, and she had never lost' sight of them…woods always stayed the same.” (327). While the woods manage to continually stay the same, Andy wants to stay the same too because she is scared of growing up. The woods are where she can do manly activities such as hunting, fishing and camping with her father. Andy thinks of the woods as peaceful and relaxing, even when the snow hits the grounds making the woods sparkle and shimmer. When they got to the campsite, they immediately started heading out to hunt for doe. Andy describes the woods as always being the same, but she claims that “If they weren't there, everything would be quieter, and the woods would be the same as before. But they are here and so it's all different.” (329) By them being in the woods, everything is different, and Andy hates different. The authors use of literary elements contributes to the effect of the theme by explaining what the setting means to Andy. The woods make Andy happy and she wants to be there all the time, but meanwhile the woods give Andy a realization that she must grow up. Even though the woods change she must change as
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