Documentary Analysis: An Analysis Of The Documentary 'Tomorrow'

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The documentary ‘Tomorrow’, follows filmmakers Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion as they travel the world to investigate grass-roots solutions to the global crisis that is climate change. Presupposing that the audience is knowledgeable of the deleterious consequences of global warming and has an interest in mitigating them, this documentary explores the innovative approaches of individuals and communities in different sectors to create a greener, more socially connected, and better future. A weakness of this film was its overly comprehensive scope. This was particularly evident in the last two chapters of the documentary focusing on education and governance. While a school system with an emphasis on community-based learning, and a model of local…show more content…
This film emphasizes this point by (talk about…show more content…
An article published in the peer-reviewed journal Horticulturae entitled ‘Agroecology: A Global Paradigm to Challenge Mainstream Industrial Agriculture’ provides scientific validity to the film’s claims that agroecology, incorporating ecological processes in the agricultural system, is a viable alternative to industrial farming that would increase agricultural productivity and mitigate environmental degradation. This article reviews current scientific literature criticizing industrial food production as environmentally destructive; as it creates significant greenhouse gas emissions, and is excessively reliant on fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources. The article continues by arguing the illogicality that despite near universal scientific consensus on the harms of industrial farming practices, they are not being challenged, as pursuing agricultural intensification still dominates agricultural narratives, and proposed solutions to improving agricultural practices are predominantly tech-based. The article then lays out some evidence-based strategies to challenge the status quo of industrials farming through the establishment and implementation of agroecological farming systems, the article advocating strategies similar to those depicted by interviewees in the film; such as using small farms to maintain biodiversity, as

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