Doctrinal Paper on Creation, Humanity, and the Fall

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The creation story in Genesis has always fascinated me. Even as a child I marveled at how God spoke everything into existence and breathed life into the first man. As I got older and did a lot of things I regretted, I imagined what it must have been like being sinless man with no shame and guilt; just fellowship with his helpmate and more importantly, with God. Now that I am in this season of my life, I see the pain this world and inhabitants have endured because of two people disobeying one command from God. These three events that occur at or near the beginning of time set the stage for the most climatic event in human history: the birth of Christ Before I get into the actual creation I want to briefly discuss why God decided to create anything at all. Some suggest that God was lonely and wanted to create in order to commune with something other than him. There is a major issue with this thought. First and foremost, this view of God makes him look quite pathetic and sad. He was so lonely that he needed to make a friend. That sounds more like why God made Eve for Adam than God’s reason for creation. Secondly, since I believe that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were present during creation, God was not alone but in fellowship within himself. So then, if not for his fulfilling a void, what was the reason? There is no definite answer to me however, I believe the class discussion of God’s glory is tied to it. Inanimate objects attest to God’s glory (Psa. 19:1) and animals attest to it by their instincts. Humans and Angels are the only ones that can consciously decide whether or not to declare God’s glory. Since creation attest to his glory, this also suggest that God’s glory attached to his presence, particularly... ... middle of paper ... ...rden with the exception of the one tree and if they eat from that tree, death was certain (Gen. 2:17). This was Adam and Eve’s first test of obedience and of love. Loving God is the truest sign of one’s devotion to him (Deut. 6:4-6) and when they broke this, the love connection from humans to God was damaged. Unfortunately, there was no need for this to happen since Adam and Eve were where God wanted them to be at that time. They were in fellowship with him; they lived a sinless life and had dominion over creation. This is not to say that there would was no areas of growth; Adam and Eve have yet to fill the earth with their offspring and since they were just created, the fellowship with them and God was in the infancy stage. There was so much more that could have come from that communion but sadly, that all changed with two bites from a forbidden fruit.

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