Doctor´s Regime Prescription for Cough Ridden Patient

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The Case: Maria Castro, a scholar, is suffering from a reoccurring and phlegmatic cough. The cough is present each morning upon waking and seems to dissipate by midday; however, any time the patient has to go outdoors the cough returns. The patient is about twenty years of age and has a melancholic complexion. She is prone to long bouts of studying alone, during which she gets little real exercise. While she attempts to sleep for the standard eight hours, it is more likely that she sleeps for six or seven. Frequently the patient wakes much earlier than needed, only to start a cycle of falling back asleep and waking that repeats three or four times before she begins her day. A typical meal for the patient consists of lightly seasoned chicken or fish with many moist vegetables such as lettuce and cucumber. Throughout the day she drinks a good amount of water and generally has at least two glasses with each meal. Phlegm is the cause of the patient’s cough so it is my goal to counteract this cold and wet humor through a regimen that heats and dries the patient’s body. It is important to note that since the patient has a melancholic complexion she already has a body that is colder and drier than average. Her regimen must reflect this so that her body doesn’t become overly dry and cause a second illness. The changes to her daily regimen and the medical treatment that I have outlined will remedy her cough and improve her overall health. Regimen: Taking into consideration the very cold and wet winter that we are experiencing, the patient should stay indoors as much as possible. If she has to travel outdoors, she should dress warmly, paying special attention to the throat and chest, which are the areas most affected by the co... ... middle of paper ... ...peat the process, starting with drinking the more mild honey mixture for two weeks and then resuming the parsley water treatment. Conclusion: The addition of this medical treatment as well as a new daily regimen should allow the patient to recover from her cough and prevent future maladies of a similar sort. The treatment outlined above should relieve her cough. The changes to her regimen will keep phlegm from building up within her body, an imbalance which would result in another illness. Of course I have tailored her regimen her personal complexion to ensure that she can follow my guidance without exacerbating her melancholic nature with excessive dryness or upsetting her delicate constitution with overly strong foods. If she follows my instructions, I have the greatest confidence that my patient will be cured of her cough, and even better her health.

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