Doctors Involved In Potential Torture

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Doctors Involved In Potential Torture Medical professionals should not interrogate prisoner by abusing the Military Commissions Act of 2006. The “to do no harm” oath occurs in all health care field that takes place in some way or form before entering into the health care field. In my personal experience working at the retail pharmacy as a pharmacy technician my goal is to help the patients’ lives by giving them the correct prescription that is required. As I become a pharmacist my role is to communicate effectively with the patients by mentioning when to take the medication and give the side effects of certain medication and build a strong relationship with the community. The importance of becoming a pharmacist is to help patients maintain a healthy life not interrogating the patients. This is the same for all the health care fields; the main theme is to help the patients and view perspectives of the patients, and not to harm them. The purpose of the “to do no harm” is to stand up and immediately speak up if something wrong is happening. Consequentialism is a theory that an action...
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