Do you understand?

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Do you understand? There are many bases of discrimination. Some people are treated unfairly because of gender, race, religion, language, weight, education, height, etc. Stay with me as I ask the question, "Do you understand?" Do you understand what it is like to be treated unfairly because of how you look? Do you understand how it feels to go to a restaurant to eat, only to be told that "people of your color are not allowed to eat here"? Do you understand how it feels not to be allowed to sleep in a hotel because of your color? "Kaffirs are not allowed to sleep in this hotel," said the hotel manager to my cousin Jabu. Perhaps you don't understand how it feels to be made into an issue instead of a human being. Well, I understand. I know how hurtful it felt when I was told, "Boy! People of your color do not swim in this part of the ocean. It is reserved for Whites only. Go away from here." I know what it is like to pay taxes yet be denied the right to vote. I know what it is like to apply for a job and to be told that the jobs are reserved for whites only. Dr. Verwoed, the former South African President, was once quoted as saying, "Blacks are inferior from birth to death." Don't you think it is depressing to be treated as less than a human being in your own country? You see, education for Africans in South Africa is inferior. It has made Africans slaves of circumstances instead of masters of circumstances. I know you will be astounded to learn that Africans pay more for their inferior education than whites pay for their education. If one would write a paper like this, that person would be making an open invitation to be jailed without trial. Discrimination of any kind is evil, whether it is about race, gender, religion, language, education, etc. I cannot change my color. I had no say in the matter when I was formed. I love my country. I abhor the system. I refuse to be the target of all injustices because of my color.
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