Do the Ends Justify the Means

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Through the past several years many scientist have insisted on the promotion of embryonic stem cell research. However, the acceptance from the public was not what they had expected to see. Many people augured that embryonic stem cell research was pointless and had little affect except that it was killing potential human beings. Once doctors and the medical field jumped on board, it received more respect and less argument, although argument was still there. Doctors were starting to see what embryonic stem cell research could bring to the modern day and even with the public opinion they continued to stay committed to the research. Many people believe that the only reason for others not accepting embryonic stem cell research is because it kills babies. Yes, this is one if not the biggest argument, but there are other issues attached to embryonic stem cell research. Although many doctors and scientists believe that embryonic stem cell research could lead to medical advances in cures for heart diseases, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and countless others, it is not clear how long it will take for human trials to be successful, how much money it will cost to do these trails and research, or if it is found, how would the everyday life of the patient change.
Embryonic stem cell research became known in 1973 because of the Supreme Court case, Roe v Wade. This famous case legalized abortion. Because of the legalization Congress decided to stop federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, this includes IVFs; on the grounds that women would be encouraged to having more abortions. Up until August 9, 2001, the federal funding was still non-existing (Wertz). President Bush, on August 9, 2001, addressed the nation on prime-ti...

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...m any real human trails puts discourage in many people. People want fast answers and scientists cannot give them fast answers with this research because it is so tedious. Another thing is the cost factor. Even though there is no federal money being spent on embryonic stem cell research, there are many private sectors that are being paid to do this research. Also, the lives of women contributing to donate cells are at risk. This research is not free in both aspects. The last and maybe most important problem is the fact that, even though people can take this cure when it is found, they still could live a life of pain and suffering. People want a cure that fixes things and makes life easier. The cures that come from embryonic stem cell research may not be the answer to these diseases. In the end, the diseases might still come out victorious.
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