Do psychic phenomena exist?

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Do Psychic Phenomena exist?

Has the idea of psychic abilities or phenomena ever crossed your mind? Well there is a large amount of people who disbelieve in psychic abilities and find it hard to even consider it being real at all. Regardless of the skeptics and their beliefs, there has been research and studies done for the past 145 years on the subject and the evidence to all of it is quite intriguing. Researchers believe there are 57 senses we do not consciously use that are related to psychic abilities and mental capabilities (57). Reading on with an open-mind may help with accepting or comprehending the subjects talked about, and for the skeptics, your beliefs will be challenged with hard evidence and years of research throughout this report.

Senses are like your mental to physical interactions with life that create the over all experience. When there is a flower you can see its beauty because you have sight, you can taste a slice of pizza because your ability to taste, you can pick up and throw something because you have the sense of touch and strength, you can hear someone call your name from across the court yard, or even smell something nice because your nose and ability to sense scent (sense). These are 5 senses we use everyday but researchers are looking into 57 other senses they now think we may use unconsciously (57). We have the ability to achieve any goal but we limit ourselves by the 5 senses that we think are the only ones to exist, when in fact the rest are slowly being proven to be a part of out psyche and realities.

The earliest “modern era” research began in the 1870’s (‘70). At the time, people questioned if their experiences in life had to do with their mental stability and thought process. They hardly k...

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