Do conflicts that occur in the book still exist today?

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The Outsiders book consists of many conflicts and most if not all still exist today. Starting with Ponyboy’s family, his parents were killed in an auto wreck. Many kids today have lost their parents in a tragic accident leaving them parentless. Many kids have siblings or family members like Ponyboy to look after them. However some kids are sent to orphanages, where they are adopted or staying there until legal age. The Outsiders’ main conflict is the social hierarchy, the Socs and the Greasers. This conflict still exists today. However it isn’t as deep as when in the book. There are people who are rich like the Socs that afford lots of cool gadgets but there are also poor people like the Greasers who work for what they want, but it`s still not enough. Another conflict that exists today is parents spoiling their children just like Bob and his parents. Parents give their children everything they want in exchange for their love. However it doesn’t always work that way. Children always expect more and when they don’t get it, they throw a tantrum. Bob grew thinking that he was right and ...

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