Do You Think The Lack Of Dis Connectedness, Unity And Caring In The Classroom Case Study

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1. Describe the qualities of (dis)connectedness, (dis)unit, and (un)caring within the community or group where the behavior problems occur.
There is a lack of connectedness, unit and caring in the science classroom as a whole. Mr. Entenmann’s frustrations stem from a lack of understanding of the shifting cultures in his class due to the influx of Mexican and Asian families in the area. Mr. Entenmann has also failed to try and connect with the new students leading to an uncaring learning environment that leads the students to misbehave.
2. How do you think the lack of (dis)connectedness, (dis)unit, and (un)caring within the community or group has encouraged or precipitated this behavior problem?
The lack of connectedness, unity and caring in the classroom is leading to the misbehavior in the students. Mr. Entenmann shares no desire to connect or understand his students leading them to feel like he doesn’t care for them. This disconnectedness leads Hector and Felix to seek out attention or power in the classroom. Mr. Entenmann feels Hector and Felix “could be average students if they only tried”, however, there is a disconnect between Mr.
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However, if a teacher cannot connect with their students or value them, it is difficult to then believe that they can be the creators of their knowledge. It is important for the teacher to empathize with their students in order to encourage the development of their students so they feel “both personally empowered and socially interdependent” (Danforth and Boyle, 2007, p. 20). The ultimate goal of long-term intervention is to help Mr. Entenmann connect with his students in a way that encourages a healthy student-teacher relationship that helps them to feel empowered and respected. In order to successfully implement this intervention, the school district and/or the administration will have to provide their
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