Do UFOs Really Exist?

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UFOs that looked different, it was also the beings that were controlling it. When thinking of an alien one would describe it as being green, having big black eyes, and having an enlarged head. However, Ezekiel did not describe them like this at all. He described it as having four heads, the head of an ox, lion, eagle and human. Could Ezekiel be trying to describe an alien? Most likely he was not. The reason being, out of all of the sightings reported, minimal sightings come close to matching the description given by Ezekiel. Many bible believers say this was Jesus or an angel trying to communicate with Ezekiel. Since Ezekiel never specified what he was looking at, the Ezekiel’s Wheel mystery has never been solved. Even while the case is not solved, this should open the idea to extraterrestrial beings, all the way back in biblical times, giving us the scary thought that they have been here longer than us.
Sure extraterrestrials made a presence back in the time of the pyramids and even biblical times, but why should one concern oneself with the phenomena of beings which are those of the past? Simply because these beings are as much of the present as they were of the past. How is this so, one may ask. Merely because they just made a presence in the midst of WWII. The Nazis claimed that aliens sourced their beliefs and gave their organization power throughout WWII (Davis, 2014). Hitler referred to the aliens as “underground supermen” (Davis, 2014). He stated that these underground supermen lived beneath the earth and created the Aryan race. Hitler claimed that these supermen had aided him to wipe out the impure races, leaving only Aryans to live in what Hitler described as a, “utopian Earth” under the reign of these supernatural super...

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