Do People Really Hear Voices?

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Being A Psychiatrist
Do people hear voices? Do people see fire but can not feel the heat? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, a psychiatrist is there to help. A psychiatrist, a licensed medical doctor, requires many years of education and residency that enables them to treat people with mental illnesses and prescribe medications. Psychiatrists are some of many that try to keep the people in the world sane. “Psychiatry is the science and practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental disorders” (Lomax). Before the eighteenth century, people with mental disorders were considered to be possessed by demons. It was not until Philippe Pinel, a French physician, looked into treating people who had mental disorders. Because of Dr. Pinel, patients who are mentally ill can be treated. Philippe Pinel worked in an asylum. He believed in treating patients with mental disorders humanely. Later doctors developed treatment for patients such as medicinal treatments. Other treatments include shock therapy that treats people with severe depression and mental disorders dealing with derangement and losing touch with reality. A treatment that is barely used by psychiatrist is called a lobotomy that is where nerve fibers are cut off. Psychiatrists do not just work by themselves. Psychiatrists have many counterparts. They work with clinical psychologists, social workers, and other psychiatrists. Some psychiatrists specialize in different areas of psychiatry. They can specialize in child psychiatry and/or addiction psychiatry. Specializing in specific areas in psychiatry require additional training and certification.

In order to become a licensed psychiatrist, there is a lot of education required. During undergraduate college, the ...

... middle of paper ... with issues within the mind.
Becoming a licensed psychiatrist is very difficult. Psychiatrists face even more difficult times when they are working. They might become very frustrated with a patient who is not cooperating. They may feel helpless if they are not able to diagnose a patient or treat them. Disagreements within a psychiatrist’s team about a possible treatment for a patient that may be causing conflict. There are many challenges in this career that may determine that a career in psychiatry is not for them.
This career is very beneficial to our society. Psychiatrists help the people who have anxiety and people who have hallucinations. They keep the people in the community mental status healthy. Without psychiatrists people would be suffering from mental illnesses. Psychiatrists are major assets to the society.

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