Do Options Effect a Person's Satisfaction?

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It may seem rational to think that having more options when making decisions would increase a person’s satisfaction. However, Barry Schwartz provides evidence opposing this theory in his article. In “The Tyranny of Choice”, Schwartz (2004 p.70) utilized various concepts supporting the theory that unlimited choices can be detrimental to a person’s emotions ultimately leading to depression. There were two main concepts in Schwartz’s article that distinguished whether a person will be satisfied or earn the likelihood of becoming depressed when having multiple options. The maximizer (Schwartz, 2004) was described as someone who wants to make a concise decision, but cannot ever be certain, even after he or she has made the decision. The more options a maximizer had, the more chances they had of not being satisfied or happy with their decision. Our minds want to make rational decisions based on every option that is available; however it is not possible to analyze every single option. Next, the term satisficer described a person who is satisfied with the choice they have made even though m...

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