Do Mermaids Really Exist?

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Do mermaids really exist? This is a question that many have asked over the years but never really took the time to try and find out. I personally believe the existence of mermaids is definitely possible, especially considering the fact that the world has only explored five percent of our oceans. Scientists discover new sea creature species every single day but many still try to argue the fact that everything about mermaids is simply a myth. There are plenty of odd creatures we have discovered in the oceans, so why do people think it’s so ridiculous that the existence of mermaids could be possible? Another question many tend to ask is; what is a mermaid? There are so many different ideas and opinions as to what the appearance of a mermaid actually looks like. The word mermaid itself is made of two parts; the first being the word Mer, which means sea, and maid referring to a female. There is also a male version of a mermaid called a merman. Basically, a mermaid is a creature that is half human, half fish. They have the torso of a fish and the upper body of a human being. Technically there are still two legs but these have become fused into a single tail covered in a thick scale-covered skin. Mermaids are said to grow to a length of about five and half feet and a top weight of 125 pounds. Mermaids are usually considered to be very beautiful, and extremely attractive in looks, but this is only a presumption. The actual appearance of a mermaid is nothing like the assumptions most have, and to many it may actually be considered repulsive ( Mermaids have a very interesting yet unusual life. The life span of a mermaid is an average of thirty years. The reason for their short lives is their rapid heartbeat, which is trip... ... middle of paper ... ...impossible has to do with the skin ( The human skin of the creature would become extremely damaged from various things. Such as being submerged in saltwater non-stop and constantly being exposed to the sun. These are several of the significant justifications given as to why the existence of mermaids is absurd to many people. The existence of mermaids has been - and most likely always will be - a very controversial and inconclusive topic. After carrying out extensive research and investigating the matter in depth, I have a better understanding from each side. Many of the speculations provide different reasons justifying the perspectives of each position. I have concluded the possibility that mermaids exist is not as ridiculous as the average uninformed person may assume. The problem simply is that people don’t like what they can’t understand.
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