Do Celebrities Get Special Treatment?

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One of the hottest things that exploded in the recent years was the invention of reality shows. Magazines, TV and blogs do nothing else but talk about this celebrities, most praise how they dress and how the handle daily routines. It has come to the point that some celebrities seem to have certain immunity. Why does it seem that they can get away with things that an average person will not even dare to do. Are they better than the average American, or is their behavior reasonable. What drives a celebrity to act so irresponsible to themselves and those around them.

Many celebrities have been involved in criminal acts, but the sentencing they receive is very light, it varies from traffic school, anger management or rehab. According to David Barnett the most aggressive sentencing to a celebrity was done to Martha Stewart. From when she was found guilty for insider trading, she spent five months in a minimum security prison for a federal crime. Five months is the federal minimum a judge can charge for that type of crime. Another case would be the actor Elmore "Rip" Torn who was arrested after breaking into a bank with a loaded gun while intoxicated. He was charged with burglary and possessing a firearm without a permit. Now this is nothing new, the actor has had two previous serious felonies, and he roamed the street as freely as anybody (huffingtonpost).

However that is hardly the case for the average person. Criminal prosecutors are always seeking the maximum penalty, which is good because it shows dedication. Furthermore it also sets an example by letting the law-breakers know that for every crime, there is a punishment. Every single person in this country knows that if they decide to break the law, there are going to be con...

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