Do Animals Deserve to be Tested on?

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Sammy, who has been trained to aid blind people, has not been adopted within a year. Of course, they are unknowledgeable to the fact he could help the indigent people because they do not take the time to determine his special gifts. Thus, the scientists decide to use him for research. The agonizing pain flows through his body as he lies on the table getting chemicals put through his tense veins. He wants to run, but the scientists have him strapped to the bed so tightly that he cannot move. As they run the chemicals through him, he cannot do anything but think of his life and extraordinary past owner he had before he got sent to the local dog shelter. Although researchers would have to find new innovations other than animal experimentation to make safe products for humans, the testing of animals should be banned.
Many animals grieve over their kind passing away in several different ways, although some people do not consider it grieving. All animals mourn losses in such ways as standing around them for a long period, or carrying them everywhere they go for periods of time. In the Mystery of Animal Grief article scientist’s state “Human beings have fixed ideas about the hearts and minds of beasts, most of them not very flattering. Animals are simpletons on the whole, sometimes capable of impressive flashes of cleverness and a kind of wagging, nuzzling, tongue-lolling love” (The Mystery of Animal Grief). Humans do not usually see the same perspective as animals when the topic is concerning grief. Humans overlook a lot of animal’s deaths’, such as running them over when seeing one in the middle of the road, passing by a flock of buzzards surrounding one of their own, or even using a weapon to harm a baby deer’s mother. Grief in anima...

... middle of paper ... enough to see. If humans would open their eyes, they would come to a conclusion that testing chemicals on animals is harsh. Therefore, humans would go against the government to stop supporting animal testing and vivisection.

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