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Lets go way back in time when a speck of life is born. That life is transformed into a message and that message is spread to all species of animals and to us. This message is now what we know as DNA. DNA is basically life and we, of course all have it. Fun fact about DNA, humans beings have twice as many genes as fruit flies and we are closely more related to worms and yeast. DNA therefore, is very complex and scientists in the video describes that the genome is like a study book. No matter how many times you read it or how you read it, there will always be a different story behind it. What is DNA exactly? The inside of DNA is shaped as a double helix and within that are what looks like a ladder and those are the base pairs: thymine, guanine, adenine, and cytosine. These are the codes that lead to the formulas to a human being. DNA is passed down from generation to generation and it determines what your offspring might look like for example their eye color and hair color. This means that all DNA is different. Different people have different DNA and not everyone has the same genes. Some people might have the DNA to live a healthy life but also sometimes DNA can come with a disadvantage. Like described before, DNA is different in different people and carry different codes for different people. Although most of the DNA code for a healthy living style other times it can carry a tragic disease. One story of this happening is the story of 2 year old Hayden. In the video Hayden was described by his parents to be very funny. At the age of one, he loved to smile and laugh and everything seemed to be normal. His mother however, soon discovered that something wasn 't right about him. He didn 't react like the other babies that she would ... ... middle of paper ... ...more than what I knew before. This video also opened my interest in also how DNA works in different people. I learned that the DNA is also more complex than I thought it could be. I think its unbelievable how one little mistake in billion of codes can alter the way a person lives and interacts. For example with the Tay Sachs disease, one defective letter can alter the whole DNA and effect the brain of a human being causing the life span of a baby to cut down tremendously. It’s also great to hear that there are certain projects out there that break down and determine how DNA works and to find cures against certain diseases before they happen. This can save lives and possibly also finding new discoveries about the DNA. Although DNA is different in within different people, well all have them and it’s important to the way people live and most importantly how people are.

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