Dmitri Mendeleev: The Father of Modern Chemistry

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Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist that made many breakthroughs is science. He is mostly known for creating the periodic table. Mendeleev’s work is still used today worldwide. Most of Mendeleev’s life was a struggle but he overcame all of them to become one of the world’s greatest scientists Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was born on February 8 1834 in the small village of Verckhine right outside of Siberia. His parents were Ivan and Maria Mendeleev. Dmitri had between eleven and seventeen siblings but nobody knows the exact number. His dad Ivan was a well known teacher, but for unknown reason became blind and soon after died forcing his mother Maria to reopen a family glass factory to support her large family, which soon after burned down. Mendeleev’s grandpa was a preacher in the Russian Orthodox Church. His family was very religious. (1) Mendeleev was lucky enough to attend a gymnasium in Tobask Russia and became interested science epically chemistry. His mother saw more potential in him than her other children. So when Mendeleev finished school she took him all the way from Siberia to Moscow on horseback to the University of Moscow with no money. Mendeleev’s mom was hoping to show The University of Moscow Mendeleev and for them to let him in but they were turned down. After they were turned down at the University of Moscow Mendeleev and his mother rode on horseback to St. Petersburg because his father had connections there. St. Petersburg accepted him for free. Right after he got expected his mother died. He became a hardworking student and learned a lot which allowed him to get a job. Mendeleev was interested in physics, hydrodynamics, meteorology, geology but especially chemistry. (1) After a few years in colle... ... middle of paper ... ...c law. He would probably have won but he got in a fight with a scientist on the comity by calling his work wrong. The scientist rallied against Mendeleev and succeeded. (3) Someone who helped Mendeleev won instead. Mendeleev died 1907 from the flu. Many things are dedicated to Mendeleev, countless buildings and schools in Russia, a crater on the moon, and best of all a element on the periodic table number 101 Mendelevium which in some peoples opinion is better than a noble prize since there are only two other scientists that have an element named after them. Mendeleev ideas were hundreds of years ahead of his time. He helped the world go a lot further in to chemistry like the discovery of the electron which would have been harder to do without Mendeleev’s work. Works Cited

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