Dmitri Mendeleev Original Periodic Table

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Arranges elements in order of increasing relative atomic mass. Mendeleev realised that the physical and chemical properties of elements were related to their atomic mass, ordering them so that groups of elements with mutual properties fell into vertical columns in his table. Due to the pattern in which the elements have been arranged, the table fails to indicate the element’s atomic number. While Mendeleev is most often regarded as the founder of the Periodic Table, his table was the first to gain credibility in society. Mendeleev’s table provided the basis upon which the modern Periodic Table was formed. Mendeleev has failed to show the different chemical families. E.g. Noble Gasses. “Fond of card games, Mendeleev wrote the weight for each element on a separate index card and sorted them, as in solitaire. Elements with similar properties formed groups, which he placed in columns ordered by increasing atomic mass, founding the original Periodic Table. Due to the method, which Mendeleev used to group the elements, his table had gaps in the horizontal rows. These gaps enabled him to predict that there were elements, which were still to be discovered, while his table, based on atomic mass, helped him to predict the missing element’s properties. Due to Mendeleev’s failure to explain the position of isotopes in his table, he was unable to assign a correct position to hydrogen. This is because Hydrogen, like halogens, is a diatomic molecule and combines with metals and non-metals to form covalent bonds. Hydrogen could therefore have been placed in Group I or Group VII. Mendeleev's homeland, named the "Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology" in Moscow, in his honour. Mendeleev recognized that the “Periods” varied in length; he... ... middle of paper ... ...15/03/14, Dr A. Helmenstine, 2014, 10 Periodic Table Facts,, N.p, viewed 19/03/14, M. Leach, 2014, Spiral Periodic Table by Theodor Benfey, The Chemogenesis Web Book, N.p, viewed 15/03/14, Images D. Mendeleev, 1869, The Periodic Table of Elements, viewed 14/03/14, T. Benfey, 1964, The Spiral Periodic Table, viewed 15/03/14, Pearson Australia, 2012, Pearson Science 10, 1st Edition, Malcolm Parsons, Victoria, viewed 16/03/14,
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