Divorces: What Are its True Effects?

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Why are divorces becoming so common? The U.S. Census Bureau states that half of all marriages end up in failure (Medved 737). Most divorces end because of financial issues, insecurity, or even sometimes abuse, but there are obviously many other reasons. With this is mind one may think, what really are the true effects of a divorce? During marriages, many assets are usually acquired, such as children, cars, and houses. During the divorce process this could potentially turn into an issue for both sides of the parties. How this is handled can be the deciding factor in whether the divorce has a positive or negative effect on each party.
Most people think that marriage is for life. Sadly, many come to realize that the marriage they're in is not the one that they thought it would be. Divorces happen for many reasons and it is indefinitely debatable whether a divorce is positive or negative. Thus, many may say that one growing up in a household with two intact parents is more likely to be successful in their future. Sometimes, though a couple just doesn't get along in a household and it can cause stress not only on them but to others in the family. As Berlin states in his testimony that, “marriage can help children only if the marriage is a healthy one”. When he states a healthy one, he means in the matter that they are not fighting or no abuse is occurring. An unhealthy marriage can cause many issues for a child's well-being and future development. Berlin also mentions that “marital hostility is associated with increased aggression and disruptive behaviors”. Coming from this a divorce may be necessary in many cases, but the debate is still: what are its true effects?
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Lachmi writes in her article the pros and cons of a divorce. She argues that some people get caught up in marriages that they don't even realize they are being abused. A marriage of abuse and fighting can be even more stressful on a kid than a whole divorce. She tries to keep the argument pretty even but one can see that she stresses that a strong marriage is always a good thing to have for both the couple and the kids. The website seems credible as Lachmi uses quotes and research from other credible sociologists and high ranking officials. This article will provide research that will help strengthen and keep the argument of divorce and its effects even. It actually has kinda changed my view on how I think about the topic because I see her point that a marriage is vital thing in a child's development and more than likely a divorce will impact it.
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