Divorce in America

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Divorce rates in the United States have increased dramatically in the

past 25 years. Over 40 percent of the marriages among young Americans will end

in divorce. There is a lot of stress on all the people involved. The man has

to deal with, usually, not seeing his children, being alone, and the

responsibility that is accompanied with much of the legal process. The wife has

to go through, maybe, entering the work force for the first time. Children are

often viewed as a back burner issue but more often than none they are the center

piece of discussion. The children may begin feeling inadequate around their

friends and even in personal esteem. Feeling like it is their fault they might

get depressed or perhaps even rebellious. Regardless, divorce is an activity

that has become common place in today's family structure, behavior, and morality.

When two people meet and decide their love is strong enough to carry

them to the next level marriage is usually the out come. Sometimes they decide

to have children and sometimes they don't, but when they do, it usually brings

them closer together. All parents have desires and hopes for their children.

The way in which parents achieve these ends can differ. Researchers do not

agree on which of the child-raising practices is best. But it is known that

parents provide role models for their children and that children rely on their

parents to teach them about the world.

When a culture's values and traditions undergo a rapid change it becomes

difficult to decide which attitudes and beliefs children should be taught. As

one researcher has stated, ?today's children are the first generation to be

raised amid doubt about the role prescriptions that have long gone unchallenged.

This makes their socialization especially difficult. Traditionally,

socialization was a process of raising the young to fill major roles in society

when the present incumbents vacated them. Yet today we do not know what type of

society our children will inherit, nor the roles for which they should be

prepared. ?(pp.34) Divorce along married couples is the most well-documented

and studied of the various ways relationships end. According to Dworetzky:

Divorce rates in the United States have increased dramatically in the

past 25 years. According to current assessments, over 40 percent of

marriages ...

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...ability to function as parents diminishes. ?Although

children may fare well in single-parent families, the chances increase that they

will face problems. There are many stresses associated with divorce. These

include the disruption of bedtimes and eating schedules, the effects of the

parents emotional state, and the lessening of adult contact. Also, the level of

income in the household usually decreases, and this may produce more stress.

Less income may require the parent to move, which in turn may cause the child to

behave to change of schools or move to a poorer neighborhood with a higher rate

of crime and delinquency.?(pp. 170-174)

Divorce is happening every day to couples in the United States. The

only problem, is that the couple thinks they are the only ones going through it

when almost twenty-two percent of adult America is also. When parents get

divorced the children get divorced too. Children and adolescents face a lot of

stress during their lives, but divorce is very confusing, speaking from personal

experience. It can be too much stress to peoples' lives but they also present

opportunities to form new relationships and to strengthen existing ones.
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