Divorce and Remarriage

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Divorce and Remarriage

For those who believe the Bible is the word of God, and live by the standard that God has made for man. It is easy to see that this country is far from living from the way God would have us.. There are many immoral acts being pushed on society and forcing people to accept them. Things like abortion, immodesty, and homosexuality.These things are being accepted by more and more people as time goes by. With horrible acts of murder and perversion as just listed above, divorce is one that needs to be listed among them. The reason being that it is just as immoral and the most accepted by the Lord's church. Most (in the Lord's church) for the time being probably see abortion, and homosexuality as sin, but more and more are not seeing divorce and remarriage as sinful. Though the Bible is clear on the subject many try to twist and ignore passages in order to please people, or remain in an adulterous relationship. In order to draw a proper conclusion on this matter, what the Bible says concerning the subject must be considered.

In the creation account in the book of Genesis, God created male and female (Gen. 1:27). He did not create two males with the ability to reproduce, nor did he create two females, one man multiple wives, or vise verse. God did create one male one female and this shows His intent for them. Genesis 2:24 says, “...a man...shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Dave miller noted in his book, “God did not introduce polygamy Lamech did”1 God's intent was for man to stay with his wife for as long as they lived, however, Divorce was permitted later.

The Law of Moses had many different Laws and ordinances that we under the New Testament are not commanded to perform ie. A...

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... might convert the unbeliever? The Bible would never teach that we should remain in an “ungodly” state. Verse 16 can be understood as, “Paul's point is that the believing mate should do all they can, without compromising their faith, to maintain a sense of peace within the home in view of converting the unbelieving mate”5 It is clear that Paul was speaking to Christians, the letter was sent to “the church at Corinth.” If a believer is married to a non-believer, it does not mean the believer lived an ungodly life, and even if he did, the marriage was still a marriage in the eyes of God. The only kind of marriage God does not recognize as a legitimate marriage are those who have put away their wives for other reasons besides adultery and have married another. Those are the marriages God says are adulterous whether society and false teachers want to accept it or not.
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