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The rapid epidemic of divorce in the United States within the last 20 years has affected more than one half of the families in the United States. In the past, we have viewed divorce as a short term crisis and not as a longitudinal view of the effects divorce might bring. Divorce does affect children. However, it is not the divorce that is the problem; it is the ongoing conflict between the parents and the child’s coping mechanisms in their own stages of development. Counseling, family therapy, and also having a divorce mediation are all successful ways of coping with the family. Keywords: divorce, children, boys, girls Many studies have shown that children from preschool-to older school aged children (3-12years old) with divorced parents have more behavioral and conduct problems compared to children whose parents are not divorced. Children with divorced parents exhibit lower esteem, anxiety, depression, aggressiveness and lower academic achievements. However, not all responses to martial disruption are terrible; in fact, research has also shown that children from divorce families exhibit less stereotyped sex behavior, great maturity, and show greater independence. Research has shown us what can be the negative and positives for children whose parents are divorced. However, the real question is not whether children of divorce are affected positively or negatively but rather which gender, boy or girl has a harder time coping with the sudden change? Are feelings of low esteem, anxiety, and depression more likely in girls? Or is it more likely in boys? Are some of the positive research shown more towards one gender? In finding this can we understand and help children more effectivel... ... middle of paper ... ...I mentioned previously. Through research I have found that boys do tend to go through a harder time than girls do. They tend to suffer depression, anxiety, and low esteem. Boys tend to act out more, tend to wet the bed more, have a harder time adjusting to having one parent present in most cases is the mother so males tend to become more upset when dad is not around. Boys tend to internalize more. With that being said that does not mean that girls do not go through a hard time with divorce, it just means that girls tend to handle it a bit more accordingly. The biggest reason why it affects children is because children don’t always know or are expressive with their feelings and girls tend be more expressive. They show greater maturity and display independence. Therefore, it seem that the positive research does pertain to females as oppose to males

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