Divorce Isn't always a Bad Thing

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I am a better person because of my parents’ divorce. Of course you would immediately assume that there is some profound reason that I should come to feel this way, yet I assure you that I believe that divorce is a positive reaction to a negative situation. The tearing apart of two people’s marriage is never thought of as a joyous idea in itself, but my experiences have come to highlight the benefits of this frowned upon idea. If it wasn’t for my parent’s separation, I would never have come to accept change in my life, appreciate human individuality, or value the circumstances of others. My growth started with their divorce, and their divorce began with a series of events which I will quickly go on to explain.

My parents were in a heated debate over financial issues, an alien topic to my eleven year old intellect. As the discussion grew in excitability and anger, the room sucked into a suffocating density. At this moment I immediately knew where this was leading and rushed my younger brother upstairs out of harm’s way. There was never a physical harm to protect him from, but it was as though I did this to spare his innocent mind from developing into one like mine; doubtful and angry. Why can’t my parents just get along? Why are they even fighting? Why does my life have to be this way? Why me? Why are they so careless of our feelings? What did we do to deserve this lifestyle? Why us? I spent too much time questioning, and pitying myself over the fact that my parents didn’t love me enough to stay happy with each other. Amongst my questioning always came out the little blip that disrupted my parents arguing, “Are you guys getting a divorce?” I’m not quite sure where I first heard the word, but it became my magic word that took all...

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...inflicted. This woman, who I think of as so strong, healthy, and admirable admit to me that her life of abuse had led her to get involved with drugs and alcohol. Luckily, she had eventually pulled herself out of her addiction and was able to proceed on with living, then continuing on to forgiving her father. She mentioned that her parents had considered it, but never did get divorced and are still married to this day, yet had always wished that it had been as easy for her family to just simply pull the plug on their marriage. As stated by the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), one in every four woman experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and children witnessing the abuse are at strongest risk for developing violent behavior as well. To women who are abused in front of their children, please save the next generation and file for divorce.
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