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Institutions play a huge role in the development of societies around the world. Family, friends, marriage, divorce are all example of such institutions. In the course of this essay, divorce is not the same as what we see divorce as in Western countries such as Canada. I will be analyzing “There Is No Stranger to Marriage Here!” by Erin Stiles and “How to Be a Good Muslim Wife” by Katrina Thompson to discuss the consequences of the high divorce rate, how to combat the high divorce rate, and how to efficiently study a community. Divorce is common among the Zanzibar people because of how easy it is to acquire – simply saying or saying the divorce statement is enough. Furthermore, the basis upon which divorce occurs ranges from abuse to petty arguments…show more content…
Undoubtedly, one of the most important structure to look at is the family structure. Studying the individual roles that each family member has and how much influence and power they each exercise leads to a clearer understanding of certain family dynamic. It would also be helpful to look at the legal systems that are in play in Swahili communities. In Swahili, the existence of the religious and Islamic law has consequences for women who are trying to get divorced or trying to get a divorce receipt to legitimize the divorce. It may be possible that there are additional laws that run in a patriarchal matter or have rules that inhibit the sexuality of the citizens, create barriers between the genders and reinforce discriminatory behaviour. Another important aspect of the culture to study is the religion, more specifically, the interpretations that the Swahili people have of their religious texts. Islam is to estimated of having a religious following of 1.6 billion people and it is likely that not every person in that group has the same views of Islam and holds the same interpretation of the Qur’an. Religious texts are often what societies build their culture around – if the texts say that it is a sin to shoot an elastic band at grass, the activity would be frowned upon by the society and in states where the religious is in power, it’s likely to be an…show more content…
Legalizing marriage through a third party, non-religious party would have a great impact on the high divorce rates in the community – men and women would be forced to take marriage as a serious institution, one that can not be broken on a whim. The aforementioned problems that occur as a result of the easily acquired divorce would either no longer be problems or because of the forced interaction during the divorce process, the couple would have to reach conclusions. Legalizing divorce would not only grant more power to women who find it difficult to file for a divorce under the current laws but it would also give them an opportunity to get themselves out of dangerous marriages (domestic abuse) and prevent any of their future marriages from being considered adultery. Giving women the power to divorce would help balance the power dimensions in Zanzibar which would create a domino effect into the different aspects of the women’s lives for example, having the right to divorce her husband may give her more confidence to talk and take part in family matters. The louder the voice of the women in the community, the more right they have and the better the gender equity is, the better the gender equity the better the life chances of girls and their chances of getting educated and so on. This domino effect of change that stems from one area will spread into

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