Divorce : Family Norms And Values

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In this current time, the family norms and values are changing drastically. Now we see more marriages getting divorces during the first years. In this era, divorces are common in our society; and people have learned to live by themselves. A while back, cultures thought that having a divorce would be a sin under the eyes of god but many people have forgotten about that sin. Now people get married knowing that if the relationship as a married couple does not work there are chances of requesting a divorce. More of the divorce cases occur because couples are falling apart due to many different reasons, for example; conflict on their marriage, loss of romantic feelings, a spouse committing an affair or some kind of marriage problem. Some of the divorcing couples have children of young age. The children do not have an idea on how to deal with a terrible event like the “Divorce.” Some of the children will have to learn to deal with the divorce at a young age and this dramatic change may cause the child to develop some kind of mental and attitude problems. Parents do not realize in how hard it is for a child to deal with a divorce from their parents. In addition parents should understand that the divorce is affecting more their children than their personal lives. In a divorce may lead a child to have dramatically changes in a daily live; and the divorce can be stressful, sad, and confusing for kids of all ages. Children that experience a divorce have more chances on developing a psychological problem and bad behavior. Children suffer from the separation of their parents and their adulthood may be affected.
The divorce can be very stressful, sad, and confusing for kids. Since many years ago, many people have argued that if p...

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...eir lives. Their parents’ divorce will always have lifelong terms effects on their daily lives.
Divorce may be always considered a bad behavior that may bring different consequences to the life of their children. To some people divorce is like a cancer, sometimes its can be dealt with it, sometimes can be manage, and some other times can be dangerous. But it does do not matter how people see it, in reality, divorce is something that have been in our culture and sometimes it may be for a good and sometimes may be bad. It is sad to imagine that in this times divorce is becoming more commonly around our families and for more marriages divorce has become an excellent source to put an end to their marital problems. As a result, there will come a time when divorce will become so normal that people will not see it as something bad, causing more marriage to claim a divorce.
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