Divorce Essay

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Since 1960 to 1980 the divorce rate has doubled. Divorce is also known as “dissolution of marriage,” which means the termination of a marital status or marriage. There are four different types of divorce; no-fault divorce, uncontested divorce, simplified divorce, and limited divorce. No-fault divorce is when nobody is at fault for the ending of the marriage. Uncontested divorce is when both husband and wife have agreed to end the marriage. Simplified divorce is when there is no conflict in the marriage but they do not want to be together. A limited divorce is where the couple's separation is monitored by the court. In today’s society, having divorced parents is becoming the new social norm than having parents that are married. When parents…show more content…
Divorce will affect a child varies from their age. If the children's parents get divorced when they are nine or younger, then the children will tend to blame themselves for the divorce and think that their parents will eventually get back together. The children having hope for their parents getting back together is not good, because it is very unlikely that they do get back together. If they are between the ages of nine and thirteen, then the children will start to become more dependent and have a feeling of betrayal from their parents for getting divorced. When divorce will affect a child the most is when they are in a serious relationship, they will start to think that it will fail or they will eventually separate. The children will second guess getting married and start to fear the thought of marriage. This is a social issue because their are more people getting divorced, which could cause the marriage rate to go down due to children from divorced parents having issues with marriage. Divorce can cause a weakness in the parent-children relationship. It will cause the children to not be as close to their parents as they once were, because they are angry at their parents for getting the divorce. In some cases, the parents will talk…show more content…
Divorce will affect economic, family, education, and religion. It affects economic because it costs a lot of money and in some cases, will cause the other parent to need welfare due to less income. In school you learn about divorce and sometimes having divorced parents could cause your grades to drop due to stress at home, which relates to education. Another reason their grades may drop, is because the child feels that if they have bad grades then they will get more attention from their parents. Children start to feel like their parents will not give them as much attention after the divorce. It will affect family because your family will break apart and will not be having a “normal” family anymore. Religion is affected because many churches are against divorce, especially catholic churches. If you are Catholic and get married through the church, once you get a divorce you will have to get an annulment first. Divorce will cause some families that used to be in the middle class, to become the bottom class. This causes a social problem because more and more people are in need of welfare. In a studying it was proven that in the first eighteen months between seventy- seven and eighty-three percent of a mother and their children will live in poverty. This is a problem because when you grow up relying on the state, usually you will have the mindset that the state is suppose to pay for you
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