Diversity is about Change

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Diversity is about Change Changes in population, changes in attitude, and changes in education. As this world continues to grow, meeting the challenges of diversity will also grow. Demographers across the world estimate that world population will increase to 10-11 billion by year 2050. United States makes up 4% of this total. The United States' population percentage of the world's total will grow because many people will immigrate to the U.S. As the immigration population of the U.S. increases, diversity challenges will also increase in intensity and number. If the population growth continues in an exponential fashion, we will exceed our carrying capacity, creating a tragic decline in population. Such a population "crash" generally means that one race will try to overcome another for control of resources. To address the critical issues I have mentioned we must have well educated people. Educated in ecology. Educated in diversity. Those who feel that a certain group is more superior and tries to subdue the less powerful will not be the people we need deciding policies for our nation. What will I do in my class to prepare our future leaders? This paper answers this question by focusing on:  Change in population  Change in attitude  Change in education As discussed previously changes in population are inevitable. Even though the U.S. birth rate, on a global average, is fairly low our nation will most likely hold on to the title as the third most populous country in the world. This is due to immigration. Especially in border states, such as California and Texas. As this kind of population growth continues the U.S. will continue to increase in cultural diversity. Th... ... middle of paper ... ...mpletely different foods realize that in both instances, grandma is the one who prepares the dish. Children will recognize ingredients that they and another student have in common in their special dish. I have watched this simple project build bridges between culture gaps amongst the children. They realize there is a commonality between them and the student who is not the same race, or who does not speak the same language. As populations and attitudes change, changes in education will be a must. I will encourage curriculums that emphasize the beauty of cultures. I will celebrate commonalties in different nationalities. I will encourage my students to be culturally diverse. They will be students who are culturally diverse decision-makers for an overpopulated world. Decision-makers with the right tools to address the critical issues that are laid before them.

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