Diversity and Behavior

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This paper is going to look at four types of diversity and demographic characteristics that impact individual behavior in the work place and in everyday life settings. The four groups to be examined are Gender, Age, Geographical Differences, and Personality Traits. Gender When examining the differences between men and women in the work place women have made great strides in contributing their efforts in a positive manner when given the opportunity. In the past it has always been the men that controlled the working environment but as times change and more households started depending on dual incomes the need for women to participate in the work force has increased. Also with the increasing number of single moms needing to provide for their families has created more of a need for opportunity for these women. When given the chance to produce women have proven that they can be a positive force in the working environment. They have shown that they can be good leaders and managers when given the chance. Men, on the other hand, have started playing bigger roles in the home environment. With more and more women working these days the duties around the home have been divided between the genders so that one does not have to bear the full burden of all the responsibilities. So, as time goes by, the roles are not necessarily reversed but divided between the two so that both parties can contribute financially and to the management of the home as well. Age When looking at ones age in the work place both ends of the spectrum can be examined. When a young man or women is graduating from college and looking for their first new job some com... ... middle of paper ... ...ams within an organization can be challenging when blending different personalities together. Teams are very rewarding and give the employees a chance to learn and work with others from different backgrounds and adjust to different personalities of the other employees. It is a growing process for everyone to appreciate that not everyone is the same and that most people have different ideas but when brought together for the purpose of achieving a common goal it is a winning situation for the company. Conclusion This paper has examined the different types of diversity and demographic characteristics that need to be appreciated from an employer's point of view as well as other employees. It all goes back to everyone is different and everyone has special talents and personalities that contribute to the success of the company.
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