Diversity In The Article: The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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The article by Manoela and Cecilia discuss the importance of interpersonal communication and how it factors into the success of an organization. The authors provide complex issues that surround the organization due to globalization. The study conducted provides effective models and skills relevant to successful communication. The only criticism would be for the authors to discuss more aspects of globalization in regards to communication barriers.
Cecilia is a Professor of Dimitrie Cantemir "Christian University” and presents a narror, but helpful discussion to be utilized in the literature review. The source will used to back up important arguments in the introduction of the literature review.

The article by Vranceanu and Leca,
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Also, the authors provide several methods to address diversity. The study increases diversity in the workplace to fully understand the impact. The article was very narrow in its focus on diversity and will be beneficial in the literature review to show barriers to communication in regards to culture diversity.

The author, Martin, discusses both positive and negative attributes in regards to workplace diversity, stressing the barrier to communication that hinders a team’s success. This article is relevant to the literature review because it provides insight behind the communication barrier between different cultures. Martin, who is frequently published in the Journal of Diversity Management, writes an excellent article that only can be criticized for being too short.
This article, although short, provides specific information that will benefit the discussion regarding cultural barriers to communication.
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This discussion will allow the reader to acquire a better understanding of how an introvert works, so communication can be more effective.
The authors in this article take a very scientific approach of studying the difference between an extrovert and introvert way of communicating. This offers a better understanding of the each personality in hopes to break down barriers of communication. Both personalities were analyzed face to face to determine the results giving this article a narrow view that is relevant to the literature review.
The authors who work at the Department of Communication Science, provides a helpful understanding that will fit into the introversion/extroversion of the personality barriers theme.
Stephens-Craig, Kuofie, and Dool’s article on introverts discusses an inside look at introverts in leadership roles. Within the article, the authors take a narrow look at the communication styles of introverts and extroverts in the workplace. This is relevant research on understanding the importance of different styles of communication according to personality to avoid barriers and