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There are a variety of unique traits and qualities that I have, which I believe will enhance the diversity fellowship program: tenacity, intellectual curiosity and my aspirations to succeed. Who I am today is the product of my diverse identity. These qualities have given me the resolve to pursue a better future for myself. Academics have always been an experience for me. I would always start the semester with a positive attitude, determined in making strides, constantly telling myself that this will be the semester I’d bounce back. However, this wasn’t always the case, I would let my doubts and barriers, in the form of excuses, hold me back from my full potential; always worried that the next semester would be my last. It wasn’t until the university requested that I take a semester off of school to reevaluate my standing, which served as a wakeup call. I was no longer a student and no longer myself. I remember thinking I could dwell on my situation and be content as a college drop out or wake-up and do something about it. Education has always determined my fate and I wanted to do everything and anything necessary to get it back. I suddenly realized how a positive and hopeful environment could transform even the direst conditions.…show more content…
When the university saw my progress and offered me a second chance, I knew that the opportunity this time around would not be taken for granted. I became even more determined. I was able to turn my nothing of a GPA to one that would guarantee me graduation. It was hard, although I wasn’t where I wanted to be academically, I was at a place that was better than where I left off. I was persistent never viewing giving up as an option. This persistency and determination has stuck with me still years after graduating, which is prevalent in my grades at Thomas Jefferson School of

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