Diversity And Diversity Of Diversity

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Prevalent on a college campus such as Towson University, is diversity. Colleges pride themselves on having a high diversity rate in hopes that potential students are seeking a campus that has a melting pot feel. Each Towson University student has his or her own perspective of how diverse or not diverse campus feels. Campuses welcoming diversity and variety are great because it shows the campus accepts, welcomes and includes all backgrounds from all walks of life. However, the campus can be welcoming and encouraging of blending together, but not all students may feel the same way. Due to each student having his or her own opinion, judgment, prevalence in stereotyping, and isolation among groups occurs on campus. If there were to be a panel discussion event on campus that…show more content…
By better understanding where one another come from, a cohesive campus can be created. Claire Jean Kim discussed in her article “Interracial Politics: Asian Americans and Other Communities of Color,” Saito and Park’s research on multiracial political alliances. These alliances can be beneficial if they follow four conditions. These conditions include focusing their attention on “fundamental issues related to social change,” and staying away from focusing on goals that are specific to one group (632.) The second condition is that the group needs to stay from narrow, race specific politics, but at the same time understand the importance of race as a whole within American society (632.) Among the panel are student union representatives; these

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