Diversity And Diversity Essay

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Increasingly, women have moved toward greater gender equality at both the home and workplace (Chin, 2001). One source of staff diversification is the demographic development in the workforce, with particular interest on the participation of females (Lauring and Selmer, 2013). Women are underrepresented in the workplace, with this being exceptionally evident in senior leadership (Baker, 2014). Diversity, as defined by Fenwich, Costa, Sohal and C’Netto (2011), is supporting and tolerating differences with a degree of receptivity to perceived dissimilarities, or simply put by Krmar (2012), as a variety of differences and similarities between people. Organisations are beginning to understand and act on these diversities through diversity management. Diversity management are human resource strategies and activities which manage the human resource environment, build human resource systems, develop employees and design reward systems, which can result in a work environment that recognises and values all employees (De Cieri, Kramar, Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright, 2005, as cited Fenwich et al.,2011). Multiple studies (Allen, Dawson, Wheatley and White, 2007; Wentling, and Palma-Rivas, 2000 & Roberson, 2006), have shown that diversity within organisations brings positive advantages to the organisation, such as increased productivity, increased creativity and gained…show more content…
Diversity management attempts to effectively present a change strategy that can function on multiple fronts to avoid organisational conflict (Kersten, 2000). Diversity management, for women, can provide flexibility and training to support women moving through or returning to the workplace (Kersten,
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