Diversity And Diversity Essay

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CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN This to certify that I, Devyani Misra, a student of BBA +MBA (dual) in 2011-15, Amity School of Business, Noida has worked under the guidance and supervision of Ms. Kushi Sharma. This Dissertation report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfilment of BBA+MBA (Dual). To the best of our knowledge no part of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the contents are based on original research. I am aware that in case of non-compliance, Amity School of Business is entitled to cancel the report. Devyani Misra A3923011006 Signature of project coordinator (Faculty Guide) CONTENTS PREFACE 05 CHAPTER I – INTRODUCTION 06 CHAPTER II – RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 08 CHAPTER III – CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 10 CHAPTER IV – REVIEW OF LITERATURE 19 CHAPTER V – DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION 20 CHAPTER VI – CONCLUSION 27 BIBLIOGRAPHY 28 PREFACE The following chapters of this report will highlight from the basics of Diversity, Diversity Training, to explain the meaning of the same. Over the other chapters in the project, the evolution and need of the same is mentioned. The latter explains the challenges, disadvantages, methods and approaches that Diversity Training has to offer. CHAPTER I – INTRODUCTION The topic – From time im... ... middle of paper ... ...tures when discussing needs, conflict, motivation, perception, assumptions, etc. Bifurcation of the model - D - Describe the exact behavior that is under discussion and your interpretation of it. Determine the important facts; be objective; use concrete terms. E - Express your feelings about the situation. If you are upset, confused, frustrated, just say so calmly, directing yourself to the behavior and not the person. Evaluate all perspectives, showing respect for the other’s point of view. Examine the intent as well as the content. S - Specify the new behavior you would prefer. Speak about alternate approaches. O - Outline the outcome, the positive results expected from the new behavior. Observe how everyone needs to know the consequences Describe Old Behaviour Express Feeling about current scenario Specify New Behaviour Preference Outline Positive Outcomes

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