Diversity And Diversity

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There are many facets to the diversification of our nation as our world is steadily changing where fundamental principles of any culture include morals, traditions, values, beliefs, and lifestyle. The varied inclusions consist of individuals from different walks of life, expanding in population, developing a new American society. Society has been and continues to be amorphous – complex, and variegated as demographic trends increase, suggesting that change is inevitable and diversity will continue to characterize mainstream America. It seems to be constantly argued as to “why do differences matter, to whom do they matter, and who decides which differences make a difference?”(Robinson & James, 2003, p. 4) Quite often than not, we separate ourselves because of trust, not willing to devote much, if any, time or attention to understand what differentiates ourselves from another, what it means to be different, and the importance of being culturally diverse. Robinson and James (2003) expressed that “tension often occurs when we directly experience or anticipate differences of characteristi...

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