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If I had authority over who would be allowed to roam the Earth, I would leave the world as it is, instead of pressing for a uniform people. My reasons behind this are because according to history, the press for uniformity has caused wars and hateful acts to occur. Another reason for my decision is that it provides variety in everyday life. Finally, diversity is innovative and profitable. However, there are some benefits to uniformity as well. Nonetheless, I would prefer diversity over uniformity. The press for a uniform people is evident throughout all of history. An example of this is the Nazi movement. They believed that the die Herrenrasse, or the Master race, was the light-skinned, blue eyed, and blonde haired individual. Therefore, they carried out heinous acts in an attempt to purge Europe of anyone who looked different. Most commonly, the targets were the olive-skinned, the Jews, and any race that wasn't according to their viewpoint. However, Americans did the same thing as well. Ever since the American Revolution, African-Americans were subjugated to slavery, women were forced to stay in there homes without the ability to vote, and Native-Americans were forced to move continually into endangerment. During this, the Caucasian-American males believed to be the master race. However, many changes were made to alter this mindset. Even as early as the time of the Romans, rulers such as Diocletian and most infamously, Nero, attempted to eliminate the Christians in order to prevent Christians from overthrowing them. Therefore, it shows that even though every time there was an attempt to make a “master race,” the ill endeavor leads to the elimination of innocent individuals. Cultural diversity provides variety in everyday l... ... middle of paper ... ...ups PCHECC and TRACCHS. Both groups are mainly one race or another, not being able to claim diversity. It could cause people to feel as if they do not belong. However, the youth group that I attend contains many children from many different backgrounds. Nonetheless, we socialize in a pleasant manner. Cultural diversity has made a large impact in world history. The United States have grown to be quite diverse over the years. The Nazis, in an attempt to create a master race, has instead started the Aryan movement. Both diversity and uniformity can be found in the history of not just our country, but the world. Diversity has also helped the world in many instances, financially and socially. Therefore, if the world were to be remade at this instance, it would be much preferred if the human race was diverse, instead of similar individuals with no individual personality.

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