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Defining diversity benefits? Everyone is original with their own unique qualities. Although people have many things in common with one other, they are also miles apart in their state of being. Personal diversity has a wide range of social circumstances such as culture, tradition, distinct manner of speech, and work-style. Nevertheless, a number of these personal characteristics are adverse, thus covered by discrimination laws – providing protection to those with unfair obstacles to independence, and the mismatch of job descriptions on account of disability. (Foster, & Wass, 2014). While some clothing is labeled one size fits all, this approach in managing diversity does not fit. A successful leader will custom-tailor their efforts to recognize different experiences. Striving to compose a resilient team notwithstanding, they will also include those with a diversity in ability. The statistics are there, but unemployment rates for people with disabilities is undoubtedly higher. Yet, the effort to improve their own life, along with the intent of belonging to a team is impressive. So, what are the benefits of team diversity? Besides being the right thing to do, organizations who create a harmonious environment of diverse associates will enhance their reputation and attract the most qualified workers. For that reason, valuing and rewarding this type of team will most likely lead to individuals that are more engaged and remain motivated. For this, an employer that confronts this business challenge and achieves a level of success will be rewarded. Priorities Above all else, putting the right people on the ‘proverbial bus’ is the foremost priority a company should have. The author is no doubt referring the Good to Great, the bestsellin... ... middle of paper ... ... together with our own aspirations and ongoing drive to improve efficiency and patient outcomes. (, 2013) Works Cited Foster, Deborah, and Wass, V. "Disability in the Labour Market: An Exploration of Concepts of the Ideal Worker and Organisational Fit that Disadvantage Employees with Impairments.." N.p., 2014. Retrieved from "news." The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®. N.p., n.d. Retrieved from "ODEP - Office of Disability Employment Policy." U.S. Department of Labor. N.p., n.d. Retrieved from "about-terumobct." N.p., 2013. Retrieved from>
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