Divergent is Cool

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To be brave or selfless, what does it take? In the book “Divergent,” one person stood out among the rest. Tobias Eaton, otherwise known as Four. With only four fears, he earned that byname. Tobias has always had a good heart; selfless, brave, peaceful, intelligent, and honest. He cares more about everyone else succeeding in their events, rather than his own. Initially, his goal was to become Dauntless to flee his father, Marcus. Ever since, he has earned the rank has No. 1 and chosen not to be a main leader in the faction. This makes him distinct.
It started when he was a young boy, being the son of a government official, it was quite difficult. According to the Erudite faction, the brains of the five factions, his father had beaten him and drove him away from his home, Abnegation. While in his home faction, he learned to be selfless. This makes him an excellent choice for a groundbreaker. He specifically worked behind the scenes on computer security control. The leaders of Dauntless didn’t want Tobias to do so, by offering him a higher leadership position than the opposing side, E...

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