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“One choice can transform you” (Roth). Every choice made affects the future. Every choice results in consequences. Every choice can change everything. Divergent, a dystopian society novel by Veronica Roth, is about a girl named Tris and her superior Four who conquer the challenges of being involved with a utopian society gone wrong. The society is divided into five factions: Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Candor, and Amity. The factions are made up of the people of the society. Everyone has one faction they belong in, unless they are Divergent. Divergent means tending to be different or to develop in different directions. Tris and Four are both Divergent, along with just a handful of others. Tris and Four make fate altering decisions such as selecting their actions in the aptitude test, choosing to let each other know their secrets, and standing up for each other.

When members of the distorted Chicago turn 16, they must undergo an aptitude test, which consists of them making choices and executing actions to ultimately get one result. The result they receive is the faction they belong in; but there is an exception. Anyone who is Divergent does not receive a single faction as their result; they receive a result of three factions they could fit into. Tris awakes into her aptitude test simulation in the cafeteria of the school building. Two baskets sit on the table: one with cheese and one with a knife. Tris is told to choose, but she doesn’t know which to choose, so she doesn’t. The author states, “choose! She yells. When she screams at me, my fear disappears and stubbornness replaces it” (Roth, 14). The quote tells us that Tris’ Divergence shows when she doesn’t know which object to choose, so she becomes stubborn and doesn’t...

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...that control the simulation and destroy the data” (453). This shows how she is determined to shut down the program, so that Abnegation is not destroyed and no more people are killed than needed. Tris’ loyalty and defense for Tobias changes her by displaying her ability to take control in an intense situation and do the right thing.

The choices Tris and Tobias make, like choosing their actions in the aptitude test, letting each other know their secrets, and defending each other, impact the overall plot of the book and the fate of the society and characters. As discussed in this essay, one choice can alter everything. One choice a person makes can permanently change their future. The moral of this is to make wise choices because the choices someone makes can transform that person. “One choice decides your friends...your beliefs...your loyalties forever” (Roth).
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