Distinguishing Individuality

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Individuality has become an overused word, much like the word love, it is used to describe a wide variety of things and thus has lost its potency. Everyone seems to strive for it, and yet I live in a society that encompasses the very definition of the word “same”. In the mad scramble for each “individual” to find their own “thing”, society is now comprised of categories of people who appear to be the same. It is evident, that individuality is an important piece to modern society, however, somewhere along the way its true definition has been lost. Because everyone desires to be different, our culture has simply become self-absorbed without being self-serving. People lack self-respect and confidence, yet have an abundance of obscure music and artwork, the product of another’s hard work, that somehow lends itself to an individual’s “individuality”. However, individualism is not intended to be about distinction due to materialistic and frivolous things, rather it is supposed to be about respecting the uniqueness within others, this essence of the word is what needs to be rediscovered. The Lesson of the Moth by Don Marquis is a discussion between a man and a moth. The man cannot understand why all moths kill themselves on lights, candles, etc. He thinks it is ridiculous because they are cutting their lives short. However the moth says to him, “it is better to be happy for a moment and be burned up with beauty than to live a long time and be bored all the while” (26-29). The moth touches on the idea that humans used to live in the moment but are now more concerned about stability than happiness (184-85). As a society, people are afraid of taking risks, and so as a result one does not experience extreme happiness or sadness but simply fl... ... middle of paper ... ...viduality spurs innovations, keeps life and culture captivating, and forces society to continue to evolve. However, if individuality is not accurately defined creates a society of self-centered and virtually identical people. A unique identity is not found within the rejection of all other identities or by being falsely absorbed in oneself; but found within making personal connections with many people and taking the lessons that one learns to formulate an identity of one’s own. Connectedness to the world is found within the acceptance of our similarities to others, in addition to our differences; it is found from the acknowledgement of one’s faults, and the celebration of one’s attributes. Only then are people capable of recognizing the beauty within themselves and others. This can allow one to begin to experience peace, contentment, and a deeper level of happiness.
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