Distinctive Features of Near Death Experiences

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Distinctive Features of Near Death Experiences It is estimated that only 5% of the population will have a NDE, this being a time when an individual is pronounced clinically dead but for some reason survives death and lives to try explain why and how they had this experience. Experiences like this are usually life changing. NDE are the link between whether there actually exist a separation between the physical body and the soul this is because the features of NDE’s are purely personal and take place in an individuals mind; there are no signs from the physical body that this experience has ever taken place. Dr Raymond moody paid a great interest in these experiences and by interviewing people who had claims of NDE’s he could identify many distinct features his research was published in ‘life after life’ which was said to have “rekindled an understanding of the importance of spirituality in our daily lives”(the phenomena of death.) Ineffability which means ‘inexpressible’ is the first of Moody’s 15 distinctive features, it is where a person has linguistical difficulty with giving a description of what they have experienced because as many people have said “there are just no words to express what I am trying to say.” One woman said this was due to the fact that the world we live in is 3 dimensional but the next life definitely isn’t so we do not have adequate vocabulary to describe it. A person who has a near death experience will most probably have it in the presence of medical staff or spectators who presume and pronounce their death. On many occasions people have told of ‘hearing the news’ (the 2nd feature) from doctors that th... ... middle of paper ... ...itnesses who were present when some one was experiencing being close to death. For example when experiencing being out of the body whilst dead one person could see and hear what exactly was being medically done by doctors and once she regained life was able to describe in the exact words and medical terms what had being happening while to the doctors knowledge she was clinically dead. After discussing the main features of a near death experience it is clear to see from examples that all features vary according to the individual, Moody’s research concluded that there were many similarities that appeared frequently in his accounts. Although there have never been two accounts identical nor one experience that included all features of a NDE, as the depth of the experience depends on how close a person comes to death.

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