Dissociation Of The Upper Class In A Tale Of Two Cities

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When analyzing A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens one can see that Dickens reveals a dissociation among the upper and lower classes. The two classes are represented in a way which expresses the difference between the power, sense of entitlement and wealth of the upper class through ruthless and injustice actions put against the poor. This is seen through the character of Monseigneur who is a part of the upper class and seems as if he is the place holder of the aristocratic class. The first example of ruthlessness and injustice comes when Dickens describes how pathetic it is when the Monseigneur uses four men to prepare his morning chocolate. “But, his morning’s chocolate could not so much as get into the throat of Monseigneur, without…show more content…
There is a definite bridge between the two classes in the way the Monseigneur refers to the lower class as “you people”. He is in direct contact with the poor, and instead of helping them, he wants nothing to do with them and refers to them as “you people.” This is dissociation by the Monseigneur towards the lower class. Dickens explains that the upper class maintained their rule by descendants from earlier aristocratic rulers. To keep up their aristocratic status, one needs to come from wealth and stay wealthy. Thus, Monseigneur looks to another to help with finances, “as to public finances, because Monseigneur could not make anything at all of them, and must consequently let them out to somebody who could; as to finances private, because farmer generals were rich, and Monseigneur, after generations of great luxury and expense, was growing poor,” (Dickens 80). When there is no wealth, one would be nothing more than lower class, and from the descriptions of Monseigneur, he would never allow that to happen. So, in effort to save his social class Monseigneur would need to marry off his sister to someone who is very wealthy, such as…show more content…
The way Dickens describes the upper class relates to the country today. This dissociation of upper and lower class is prevalent today and this is an issue that keeps growing. In my opinion, it is an ongoing fact that the rich are the ones getting richer while the poor are just getting poorer. America, is known for the county you can succeed in and make something of yourself. Instead many people work hard their whole life just to
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