Disruptive Innovation: Innovation And The Innovation Process

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The main objective of writing this paper is in practice, the management of innovative process takes into account the most important criteria that reflect the substance of innovation and arising directly from the definition of "disruptive innovation". Such criteria include the degree of novelty and substantive content.
What is innovation?
Innovation is an object that was successfully implemented in production and making a profit as a result of scientific research or discoveries made qualitatively different from previous counterpart. The term innovation and disruptive innovation are similar. The innovation process is associated with the creation, development and dissemination of innovations.
How is it different from disruptive innovation?
A disruptive innovation is an innovation that generates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and
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This definition has extended the power of the theory to explain different types of disruptive innovations across a wide range of industries (Schmidt and Druehl, 2008).
However, although disruptive innovation is viewed as a business model problem (Chesbrough, 2010), the lack of widely agreed upon definition of the concept of a business model makes the concept of disruptive business model innovation a topic that warrants further research.
By definition, there are at least three types of actors involved in disruption, the applicants, the officials and the customers. A business model approach to innovation considers all aspects of innovation processes and business activities for developing or responding to disruptive innovation, as opposed to a technology solution alone.
Evolution of disruptive business
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