Display Screen Equipment Assessment

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1.1 The following report contains an introduction, background, methodology, result, discussion, recommendations and conclusion following a Display Screen Equipment assessment (DSE).


2.1 The purpose of this report is to carry out a DSE assessment on an employee who is defined as a DSE user (Display Screen Equipment, 2002, P5). To identify any adjustments to the workstation, layout and to present the recommendations to management. The assessment will comply with the (Display Screen Equipment) regulations 1992 which was amended by the Health and Safety regulations in 2002.

2.2 Regulations cover a number of different aspects associated with DSE work, for improving performance, productivity and well being (Bateman, 2006, p226)

2.3 As stated in regulation 2 (Display Screen Equipment, p12) employers are responsible to complete an appropriate and adequate analysis of all workstations.


3.1 Mrs X is a 36year old lady who has worked in human recourse (HR) for over 15 years. She has recently been experiencing pain and discomfort to her neck, she is usually fit and well and has no past medical history. Her work role involves computer-based work, word processing and data input, she spends over 5 hours per shift behind the computer screen. She works full time and overtime when needed.


4.1 The assessment was carried out by the Occupational Health Advisor who works for the company and who has the training, experience and follows the guidance of the Health and Safety Regulations 2002. This has a positive effect on the reliability of the assessment. According to (Display Screen Equipment, 2002, p15) an assessment can be made by the Health and Saf...

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...s re occur.

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