Disney Trip Essay

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The only thing my family loves more than each other is travelling. My grandparents on both sides of my family travel the majority of year, but only one set loves Disney World. The trips to Disney started at a very young age and quickly became an every-other-year family vacation. My dad’s parents and my parents have been Disney Club members for over almost 20 years now so they rack up points very quickly which helps make the trip much cheaper (also my grandparents pay for most of it). Disney was such a good place because there were things for my whole family to do no matter what age. These trips led to the making of memories with the people who I love and will cherish forever. My first Disney trip that I remember perfectly was when I was around…show more content…
My first Disney Cruise was when I was in 8th grade and my family went with a few of our friends. I had never been on a cruise or used my passport so I knew this was going to be a special trip. No feeling will ever overpower the sheer joy and excitement as I walked up the walkway leading into the gorgeous ship. The workers instantly made me feel at home and it was very interesting to see so many people from different countries and cultures working together. The first thing I rushed to was the teen club, and it was everything I had imagined. A worker saw me looking at the Wii and challenged me to a friendly game of Wii baseball. Little did he know I played a lot of Wii back in my day. After I was finished beating the worker it was time to go see my room. I barely spent any time in there because of how many things there were to do around the ship. I next went to the sports deck and met a kid from London and he hung out with us for most of the trip. Sadly, a few days, later our time in paradise had to end; until next…show more content…
This trip was just with my family and grandparents (no not the shirtless grandpa). Disney has a private island that the ship was going to port at for a day, it was breathtaking. The ocean was clear as glass and the sky was a light blue; the water was so clear you could easily see all the stingrays swimming around that you could swim with. My parents were reluctant at first but finally caved and let us get the gear to go swimming with the stingrays. Far away they seemed menacing but the closer you got, the more friendly they were. You could swim right up and stroke your hand down their smooth backs; also when they were hungry we put the fish between our fingers and let the stingrays swim over and suck it up like a vacuum. After swimming, we went to the shops that lined the streets with many colorful clothes and items. I bought a nice shirt that is still one of my favorites. When we boarded the ship to head back to Florida I knew that my time in paradise had once again
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