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My family goes to Disney World at least every four years. Disney, being my family’s go-to destination for vacation, is always packed with tourist from all over the world and is always has humid weather conditions. Sometimes I wonder why we go since we have obviously out grown the amusement park age group. Despite out growing Disney World, many memories have been made from all the trips to Disney World. From walking through rain back to the monorail stations to posing with Belle from Beauty and the Beast at a character dining restaurant. From all the memories made at Disney World, the most vivid thing I can remember is when I lost my family in a sea of people in the Magic Kingdom for less than a minute. It is my family’s fourth time going to Disney World, so anyone could guess that we are season pros in the theme park. Throughout the week we visit each theme park at least for one day. Although my family went to the Magic Kingdom during the day, we never got to see the famous fireworks at night. So as a family we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom right after the Epcot fireworks. Going to the Magic Kingdom that third night of our trip, we are expecting to watch the renowned fireworks, but my family was in for a major twist our plan. Before arriving at the Magical kingdom, we watch the world fireworks in Epcot and we planned right afterwards to take the monorail over to the Magical Kingdom. I can infer that everyone else watching the fireworks at Epcot was planning exactly the same thing my family did. Since right after the first firework show at Epcot, almost the whole population of the park rushed over to the monorails like a herd of cattle. Everyone’s goal is to get to the transportation stations in order to get to the 9:00 p.m. f... ... middle of paper ... ...shoulder and I turn around. I see my mother’s concerned face and I hear her voice faintly over the blasting music saying “Oh my gosh Juliette!”. She quickly embraces me and I starting crying tears of relief. Almost exactly after I give my mother a hug the firework show starts. I did not enjoy the firework show mainly because I was so worked up about what just happened. All I could think about is what if I could never find my family. This moment of being lost is insignificant in the big picture of my life, but the reason I still remember being lost is because of how many emotions I was experiencing in less than five minutes. From the excitement of being able to watch one firework show after the other to being panicked by all the commotion and relief beyond anything I have ever experienced. All that I have gained from this experience is to always let your parents lead.

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