Disney Impact: Walt Disney's Impact On Society Today

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Nathalie Salinas Walt Disney was an entrepreneur television producer. His name is not one to be forgotten because he has impacted society today tremendously. Walt Disney is the founder of Disney world and founder of all the animations of Disney. He made animation possible for people to enjoy and changed the television entertainment forever. His first accomplishment was when he created the character of Mickey Mouse. He first made two silent films with mickey, but the audience was not that captivated, but when audio came into films he made “Steamboat Willie”, which became a sensation. After he started creating more popular cartoons that we still see today; Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, & Pluto. He has not only been…show more content…
This has impacted society today because in such dark times we are living now, these movies motivate us and give us the hope that we need. The Walt Disney movies give morals/values/lessons such as; friendship, love, dreams, family, and etc. They help shape our society and give kids the opportunity to dream big because the sky is the limit. Not only are these movies for kids, but for adults too, it helped find laughter for adults and comfort during the Great Depression and till this day adults sometimes appreciate more the film than children…show more content…
There are currently 11 Disney theme parks opened around the world. This impacted society greatly because everyone from different parts of the world are coming together to join into something so magical. The theme parks were created so you hear joy and laughter spreading to everyone that walks in. It was created so families and friends can get together and enjoy something so spectacular. Not only does Disney incorporate fun, laughter, and joy in his parks but he also had an impact on culture. It brings culture together because anyone is allowed to come to the parks, so many people from around the world come just to see the parks. Walt Disney also created the theme park of EPCOT. EPCOT is a theme park that takes you around the world with different cultures, traditions, and different foods from each of these cultures and traditions. It allows us to all join together and experience different countries around the world and different
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