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From Dracula to Disney Dissertation The crossover between fearful and friendly.
Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, amongst many other well-known animation companies, have all banned together and helped make the progression between fearful and friendly supernatural creatures a smooth transition so that children may adapt to the idea of them more easily. They helped facilitate children to the idea of friendly and relatable creatures through such films as ‘The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)’, by Disney Animation Pictures, ‘Dark Shadows (2012)’ by Warner Brothers and ‘Hotel Transylvania (2012)’ by Sony Pictures Animation. These films present supernatural creatures in a more forgiving light as opposed to the ‘Blade trilogy (1998, 2002, 2004)’ by Marvel Enterprises and ’30 Days of Night (2007) by Columbia Pictures. Disney and Pixar Animation Studios are known as a child’s production company making films that, although adults will watch and enjoy, will be primarily films for a younger audience to take joy in. ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’, was such a great hit that the generation born during the 1990’s realise it to be a classic. Disney is still managing to sell all sorts of merchandise with Jack and Sally’s faces on it. Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc. (2001)’ was such a success that they followed it with the prequel ‘Monsters University (2013)’ several years later. The premise of monsters scaring children and hiding in their closet was debunked and spun on its head during this film, with instead making children laugh at their funny, unusual features. The crossover between the representation of fearful and friendly creatures has become more popularised to suit a wider audience; allowing it to be easier to reach more target audiences, makin...

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...this way, Hollywood twists the unknown to make it more appealing to audiences. However, they can also just as easily contrast this by making the object less desirable, as seen in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Where the Disney mermaid figure is flipped on its head and the beautiful innocent mermaid turns to sharp-fanged, devious, bloodthirsty merpeople. The general premise of the creature still appears, a half woman, half fish hybrid, however, being mythical creatures Hollywood can mould them into whatever they want, and whatever fits their needs most. There is no forced style everyone must adhere to as there is no evidence of their existence so Hollywood film studios can design their mermaid to whatever they want, probably to whatever makes them the most money. Completely depending on their target audience they could have anywhere between innocent and sinful creatures.
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