Dishonest Methods Of Fraud: Podgor, Albert's Criminal Fraud

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What do you know about a fraud? And how you can define it broadly? According to Merriam-Webster “a fraud is the crime of using dishonest methods to take something valuable from another person”. It is very useful definition but it is too general. A fraud has many activities to steal money and important documents. It is happening in current days because a fraud mostly relate with technology such as: online shopping and E- banking. It is kind of cheating from people and it’s hard to know being a fraud. This issue had causes many problems for individuals and the society. That affected them in their financial situations. Who were rich because of a fraud, they became poor. They lost their jobs and became homeless. They cannot afford for bills payments. It also affected psychological problems. These problems like suicide, addiction, and alcoholism. The people who have theses problem, they wanted to do any thing to forget being in fraud issue and they became poor and broke. They did protect themselves because the lack of information about a fraud. A fraud has process to work, has many types and, there is some tricks to avoid it; therefore fraud needs to be further clarified.
People do not have enough information about a fraud. They have limitation of knowledge about it. Podgor, Ellen in his article “Criminal Fraud” writes about a fraud specifically in the law perspective and he explained and defined it in that way. According to Podgor, Ellen (1999) defines a fraud as “the aspect of the scheme to defraud is measured by a nontechnical standard. It is a reflection of moral uprightness, of fundamental honesty, fair play and right dealing in the general and business life of members of society”(p.734). In other word, a fraud seems to be od...

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...ystems that improve identity confirmation solutions while protecting privacy. Those steps recommend it to the government and the department who care about identity fraud. They should have useful solutions to eliminate it because many people are struggling from a fraud in the entire types, it is not only in the identity but the problem is becoming bigger every day because of the lack of knowledge of this issue.
In conclusion, some people do not think deeply about the definition of a fraud. It has many definitions and types. However, they cannot solve that problem because the lack of using technology and knowledge. I hope to find the solution soon and help those people who are struggling from this issue. Some people and sectors are experts in this issue. They have to collaborate to find the solution quickly. The fraud is basically stealing specific things.