Discussion of God's Ultimate Creation: Man

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When God created heaven and earth, he wanted to also create those that would be a reflection to his image. He wanted to create more and something that could be good to what he created in the beginning. Earth was created by him and with doing that, he thought to create humankind that could be good to the earth and be superior to everything around them. In Genesis 1:26-27, God talked about how he created humankind within his image so that they would be like God. In Genesis 2:18, the Bible speaks about God’s creation of woman. Some individual’s question the origin of man and it continues to intrigue them, while others accept Genesis’s account of creation. Some believe that God, in his own wisdom, created the heavens and earth; and placed mankind in the middle of his creation. The following scriptures from Genesis 1 and 2 that will be discussed, teaches us about God’s ultimate creation, man. The Bible teaches us to seek and discover God’s plan and purpose for man. By understanding God’s design and purpose for man as revealed in His written word, this will strengthen the close relationship with God that he desires.

In Genesis 1:26-27, for humanity to be created in image of God, this meant that God wanted humankind reflect the attributes his aspects of joy, love, peace, compassion and mercy the same as he did. It is said that “image of God is a royal destination emphasizing the Godlike nature of ruling the monarch (Kselman 87). God is the ruling monarch over the entire earth because he created it and he wants humankind to be that ruling monarch over what he has created, including humankind. God wants humankind to be good to what he has created just as he is good to every living thing. Humankind is the summit of creation and was crea...

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